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It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans for October 9-13


Monday, October 9

  • Brainstorm story ideas for online newspaper.
  • AP Style and practice sheets.

Tuesday, October 10

  • AP powerpoint and practice.
  • Assign stories and beats for the online newspaper.

Wednesday, October 11

  • Assign UIL Newswriting Prompt #2 – due tomorrow

Thursday, October 12

  • Turn in completed stories for online newspaper.
  • Make photo and story assignment deadlines.
  • Complete UIL Newswriting Prompt #2 and submit.

Friday, October 13

  • Review photo slideshow and make selections for online newspaper.
  • Review Twitter guidelines and write posts.

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time

TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C) 110.62(2)(G)

Lesson Plans for October 2-6


Monday, October 2

  • Revise stories for online newspaper.
  • Interview sources for Art and Tech Club
  • Develop interview questions and research background for new stories assigned.

Tuesday, October 3

  • Refine stories and write headlines for online newspaper.
  • Proofread final stories/headlines prior to publishing.
  • Post stories and photos to online newspaper site.
  • (online newspaper)

Wednesday, October 4

  • Students will change their avatar and display of name in their blogs.
  • Finalize remaining stories to upload to online newspaper.

Thursday, October 5

  • Review T-shirts/prices for Journalism Staff.
  • AP Style practice sheets.
  • Introduce Code of Ethics, Why Ethics Matter, Who ‘governs’ journalists?
  • Standards of Journalism, Fair and accurate reporting.

Friday, October 6

  • AP Style practice sheets.
  • Introduce Code of Ethics, Why Ethics Matter, Who ‘governs’ journalists?
  • Standards of Journalism, Fair and accurate reporting.

‘We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time’

TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C); 110.62(2)(G)

Lesson Plans for September 25-29


Monday, September 25

  • Write sample draft of Sports and News briefs for online newspaper.
  • Review staff photo, sports, and campus life assignments.

Tuesday, September 26

  • Review formula and process for writing for news briefs/sports briefs.
  • Write sports brief for yesterday’s volleyball game at Pine Tree.
  • Select photos for online site.

Wednesday, September 27

  • Edit sample news story using proofreading symbols.
  • Write News Story #2 – submit first draft in google docs (homework)

Thursday, September 28

  • Review for quiz on proofreading/editing symbols and writing news/sports briefs.
  • Complete News Story #2 and submit for grade.

Friday, September 29

  • Quiz on proofreading symbols and writing a sample news/sports brief.
  • Discuss assignments/beats for the week of Oct. 2-6.

110.62.02 (G) 110.62.02 (E)(I)

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time

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Lessons Plans for September 18-22


Monday, September 18

  • Complete News Story #1 – add final two transitions and quotes. If needed, finish for homework and submit in Google docs.
  • Review beats/assignments for news stories.
  • Make photo assignments for online newspaper.

Tuesday, September 19

  • Review editing and proofreading symbols–add to interactive notebook.
  • Rewrite second draft of News Story #1, finish as homework if needed, submit in Google docs.
  • Optional Homework: write paragraph on why you want to be selected to interview new teachers.

Wednesday, September 20

  • Determine nameplate and header links for online newspaper.
  • Assign content to online newspaper.

Thursday, September 21

  • Rewrite third and final draft of News Story #1 if needed, submit in Google docs.
  • Learn to write news briefs and sports briefs for online newspaper.

Friday, September 22

  • Continue writing news briefs and sports briefs for online newspaper.

110.62.02 (G) 110.62.02 (E)(I)

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time

Lesson Plans for September 11-15


Monday, September 11

  • Guest Speaker for 9/11; discuss the impact of the media broadcasts surrounding the events of that day.

Tuesday, September 12

  • Review News Leads and discuss practice prompts
  • Introduce using transitions and quotes
  • Outline steps in writing transitions and using quotes that support the transition paragraph

Wednesday, September 13

  • Introduce the Lead/Quote/Transition Formula used in stories.
  • Using a news story prompt, students will write the lead and add one transition and one quote to learn the importance of ¬†building a complete news story using the L,Q,T formula.

Thursday, September 14

  • Continue adding transitions and quotes until the news story is complete.

Friday, September 15

  • Discuss name ideas for the online newspaper.
  • Assign stories to each journalism reporter–building towards a online newspaper by October 10th.

TEKS 110.62.02; 110.62.03

‘We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time.’

Lesson Plans for September 4-8


Monday, September 4

  • School Holiday

Tuesday, September 5

  • Discuss the guest interview and talk through the interview process
  • Review for Interviewing Quiz
  • Introduce: Writing the Story Lead
  • Inverted Pyramid

Wednesday, September 6

  • Interviewing Quiz
  • Introduce the AP/Summary Lead
  • Let’s Talk About News Leads/ News Writing: The Lead
  • Practice writing a News Lead

Thursday, September 7

  • Continue practice writing news leads (5 W’s Lead Practice Packet)
  • Leads with Problems
  • News Writing Prompt – Write the lead
  • Bonus: Students will submit suggestions for naming the online paper

Friday, September 8

  • Finish News Writing Prompt and work through editing process

TEKS 110.62.02 (G) (A) (D)

Lesson Plans for August 28-September 1


Monday, August 28

  • Complete ‘Fact Finding’ Assignment and share results with classmates.
  • Discuss why good reporting is about 80% interviewing
  • Interviewing: Before and During the Interview

Tuesday, August 29

  • Interviewing: After the Interview
  • Learn the guidelines for using quotes
  • 21 Interview Questions

Wednesday, August 30

  • Interview Practice ( 4 scenarios)
  • Develop questions for practice sets
  • Discuss and explore additional questions

Thursday, August 31

  • Review questions for interviewee
  • Live Interview with Guest (25 min)

Friday, September 1

  • Select the top five quotes from the guest interview
  • Check the 5 W’s and H–does the interview responses answer these?
  • Interviewing Test Review

TEKS: 110.62.03 (A)(C)(D)(G)

‘We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL of the Time’


Lesson Plans for August 21-25


Monday, August 21

  • Continue with notes/discussion on ‘What is News?’
  • Students will look at how news is defined and who the gatekeeper is?
  • List and define the elements of news that make a story newsworthy: timeliness, proximity, prominence, conflict, impact, human interest

Tuesday, August 22

  • Review the elements of news.
  • Find examples of news stories that identify each news element.
  • Students will assess the impact their new story examples have on their community.
  • Discuss fact/opinion and why news stories must be free of opinion.

Wednesday, August 23

  • Students will distinguish between a list of facts and opinions and provide justification for their decisions.
  • Evaluate several of the news stories from the previous assignment and underline/highlight all the opinionated words.
  • Are there proper attributed quotes for the opinions? How can opinions misrepresent the intent of a story?

Thursday, August 24

  • Quiz #1 Elements of News & Fact/Opinion
  • Fact-Finding Scavenger Hunt (students work in pairs/teams)

Friday, August 25

  • Fact-Finding Scavenger Hunt (complete assignment)


TEKS: 110.62.02(G)

Lesson Plans for August 17-18


Thursday, August 17

  • Interview Activity: Speed Friending Style; discuss information students compile during the activity.
  • Set up Interactive Notebooks, Supply Box, Google Classroom
  • Review expectations and policies for Journalism I
  • Complete Journalism Questionnaire
  • Journalism goals for semester 1

Friday, August 18

  • Discuss how interviewing provides important supporting content for news stories?
  • What is News? How is news defined and who is the gatekeeper?
  • List and define the elements of news that make a story newsworthy: timeliness, proximity, prominence, conflict, impact, human interest
  • Create a list of examples that identify each news element.

TEKS: 110.62.03 (A)

Welcome to WOMS Journalism


It’s an exciting time at White Oak Middle School with the addition of a new Journalism I Class for the 2017-2018 year. We are going to be very busy! You’ll learn to write four kinds of stories (News, Feature, Sports, Editorial), Photography basics, InDesign and Photoshop basics, Media Law and Ethics, and what it takes to cover school and athletic events for the campus.

One of our big goals for the year will be to create and launch an online campus newspaper during the fall semester, where student stories and byline (name) will be showcased. After school gets started we will hold a campus wide contest to name the newspaper.

I hope you’ve had a great summer and I look forward to meeting each one of you. See you soon!

Mitzi Neely







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