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Lesson Plans for September 30-October 4


Monday, September 30

  • Sponge Activity – AP Style #4; review and take grade.
  • Review eighth grade sports story, stats and quotes.
  • Review feature stories and select stories for publication.
  • Select 8th grade football photo and 7th/8th volleyball photos for publication.
  • Assign volleyball photographers

Tuesday, October 1

  • Introduce UIL News Writing #1; review format, 5W’s and H, and inverted pyramid
  • Using a UIL prompt guide students through selecting information and quotes to write a news story

Wednesday, October 2

  • Review format and AP Style guidelines
  • Continue writing UIL News Writing #1 prompt

Thursday, October 3

  • Complete UIL News Writing #1 story; proofread and submit.
  • Review for News Writing Test

Friday, October 4

  • News Writing Test
  • Discuss UIL News Writing #1 story

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Lesson Plans for September 23-27


Monday, September 23

  • Prep for feature stories on Hello Week and Vaping; research about stats and dangers.
  • Select 8th grade story to be featured in publications.
  • Select 8th grade FB photo for publication.

Tuesday, September 24

  • Warm up activity – AP Style #3 (first five sentences)
  • Divide into two groups and brainstorm the info to use to write an engaging lead, info to be included in the transitions,¬† and who students could interview for quotes.
  • Students will work in pairs on feature stories and serve as a peer editor.

Wednesday, September 25

  • Work in pairs on feature stories.
  • Organize journals/add handouts and update table of contents.

Thursday, September 26

  • Warm up activity: complete remaining three sentences with AP Style
  • Assign photographers to cover pep rally and game.
  • Finalize feature story/peer edit

Friday, September 27

  • Finalize Journals and turn in for grade.
  • Review game stats and photos with class from pep rally and game.

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for September 16-20


Monday, September 16

  • Introduce AP Style
  • Notes and examples of style guidelines

Tuesday, September 17

  • AP Style Worksheet #1
  • Continue Notes

Wednesday, September 18

  • AP Style Worksheet #2–grade and turn in for grade.
  • Introduce topics for feature stories
  • Steps to gather information and set up interviews

Thursday, September 19

  • Assign photographers for 8th grade game.
  • AP Style guidelines–begin compiling list for class use.

Friday, September 20

  • Interview Mrs. Van Camp about Hello Week
  • Begin researching Hello Week and compiling stats and an interview list.

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for September 9-13


Monday, September 9

  • Write notes on Game Stories and Post Game stories in Journal.
  • Students are finishing up game stories for both 7th and 8th grade football teams.
  • Interview student athletes for quotes.
  • Assign Volleyball stories for 7th and 8th grades.
  • Review football stories with students in class/submit stories in Google Docs.

Tuesday, September 10

  • Review football stories to submit to local newspaper for publication with photos.
  • Write 7th and 8th grade volleyball stories (interview student athletes)
  • Assign reporters and photographers for Thursday night football stories.

Wednesday, September 11

  • Introduce photography notes.
  • Demonstrate how to operate a camera, SD card, lens, and charging pack.

Thursday, September 12

  • Work in groups with cameras: on/off, SD cards, battery, changing lenses.
  • Each student will take 5 sample photos for practice.

Friday, September 13

  • Use game stats to write 7th and 8th grade football stories.
  • Review and discuss photographs from the game.
  • Share game stories in Google Docs.

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time 

Lesson Plans for September 2-6


Monday, September 2

  • School Holiday/Labor Day

Tuesday, September 3

  • Open Journal Test – History of American Journalism
  • Preview remainder of week–introduce sportswriting and photography

Wednesday, September 4

  • Sportswriting notes (style, format, interview, game stats)
  • Practice writing a sports brief (game info will be provided)
  • Practice writing an email to interview/gather facts for a sports story.

Thursday, September 5

  • Review sportswriting notes and dissect the sports brief written in class yesterday
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses
  • Rewrite the sports brief–clean up errors
  • Did the student used the inverted pyramid format?

Friday, September 6

  • Write sports brief #2 using the inverted pyramid format with transitions/quotes
  • Introduce photography and camera equipment.

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Lesson Plans for August 26-30


Monday, August 26

  • Introduce students to the online newspaper: The Maroon & White (subscribe)
  • Subscribe to the Journalism Blog
  • Write a formal email
  • Introduce the History of American Journalism – Google presentation/notes – Terms & America’s first newspapers

Tuesday, August 27

  • History of American Journalism – Bell Ringer: Zenger Trial
  • Freedom of the Press and The Penny Press
  • Famous Journalists

Wednesday, August 28

  • Effects of the Telegraph
  • Yellow Journalism/Journalists (
  • Muckraking and newspapers developing a significant social consciousness – explain and elaborate on the News medium of magazines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries)
  • Native American Newspapers

Thursday, August 29

  • Review for Journalism Test on Friday
  • Review famous journalists
  • Assign Students a Famous American Journalist to research and create a one sheet

Friday, August 30

  • History of American Journalism Test
  • Work on Famous American Journalist one sheet

TEKS 110.62.01, 110.62.02

We Believe in ALL Students, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for August 19-23


Monday, August 19

  • Continue working on three main points and factual info for story on Summer Break
  • Create a google doc, follow story format and write the story.

Tuesday, August 20

  • Discuss personal quotes and how interviewing provides important supporting content for news stories?
  • Students will included personal quotes with the three paragraphs about their Summer Break. Follow format. Share doc through email.
  • What is News? How is news defined and who is the gatekeeper? Students take notes in journal book (spotlight vocabulary)

Wednesday, August 21

  • List and define the elements of news that make a story newsworthy: timeliness, proximity, prominence, conflict, impact, human interest
  • Create a list of examples that identify each news element.

Thursday, August 22

  • Students will locate examples of stories and the newsworthy they contribute.
  • Fact vs. Opinion

Friday, August 23

  • Fact vs. Opinion – examples
  • Tim Harrower activity on F vs O
  • Introduce Beats for The Maroon & White


TEKS: 110.62.03 (A)

Lesson Plans for August 15 -16


Thursday, August 16

  • Introductions
  • Review expectations and policies for Journalism
  • Complete Journalism Questionnaire/Note Cards with information
  • Set up Interactive Notebooks, Supply Lists

Friday, August 17

  • Google Presentation: Review expectations, policies and procedures for Journalism
  • Chromebook expectations and story format
  • Organize notebooks
  • Activity: develop ideas and supporting info for a basic story on Summer.

TEKS: 110.62.03 (A)

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Lesson Plans for January 14-18


Monday, January 14

  • Sponge Activity – AP Style/Copyediting Exercise
  • Column Writing powerpoint presentation
  • Assign sports stories for the online newspaper and the WO Independent

Tuesday, January 15

  • Column Writing Activity: Brainstorm three types of columns, points, and resources

Wednesday, January 16

  • Discuss Review and Opinion Prompt Sheets for ease of organizing columns.
  • Read and review examples of columns

Thursday, January 17

  • Continue to read/review examples of columns
  • Discuss steps to writing a column

Friday, January 18

  • Sponge Activity – AP Style/Copyediting Exercise
  • Use prompt information and write a column

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for January 7-11


Monday, January 7

  • Review expectations and assignments
  • Review and discuss semester exam
  • Discuss storyboard ideas

Tuesday, January 8

  • AP Style sponge activity/discuss and grade
  • Look at News Writing prompt from semester exam
  • Analyze News lead
  • Create a google doc and begin News Story with lead; add one transition and quote–discuss
  • Add transition two and quote; students will share out in class

Wednesday, January 9

  • Review transition two and quote from the previous class
  • Add final transition and quote; share out in class
  • Share with teacher in google

Thursday, January 10

  • Introduce Column Writing
  • Types of Columns including editorials
  • Points to think about — record in journal
  • Discuss examples of columns

Friday, January 11

  • Continue notes on Column Writing
  • Students will identify 3 types of columns they could write for The Maroon & White
  • Share column ideas and pros/cons

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time

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