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Lesson Plans for September 25-29


Monday, September 25 Write sample draft of Sports and News briefs for online newspaper. Review staff photo, sports, and campus life assignments. Tuesday, September 26 Review formula and process for writing for news briefs/sports briefs. Write sports brief for yesterday’s volleyball game at Pine Tree. Select photos for online site. Wednesday, September 27 Edit sample […]

Lessons Plans for September 18-22


Monday, September 18 Complete News Story #1 – add final two transitions and quotes. If needed, finish for homework and submit in Google docs. Review beats/assignments for news stories. Make photo assignments for online newspaper. Tuesday, September 19 Review editing and proofreading symbols–add to interactive notebook. Rewrite second draft of News Story #1, finish as […]

Lesson Plans for September 11-15


Monday, September 11 Guest Speaker for 9/11; discuss the impact of the media broadcasts surrounding the events of that day. Tuesday, September 12 Review News Leads and discuss practice prompts Introduce using transitions and quotes Outline steps in writing transitions and using quotes that support the transition paragraph Wednesday, September 13 Introduce the Lead/Quote/Transition Formula […]

Lesson Plans for September 4-8


Monday, September 4 School Holiday Tuesday, September 5 Discuss the guest interview and talk through the interview process Review for Interviewing Quiz Introduce: Writing the Story Lead Inverted Pyramid Wednesday, September 6 Interviewing Quiz Introduce the AP/Summary Lead Let’s Talk About News Leads/ News Writing: The Lead Practice writing a News Lead Thursday, September 7 […]

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