Mrs. Neely – Journalism

It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans for October 9-13


Monday, October 9

  • Brainstorm story ideas for online newspaper.
  • AP Style and practice sheets.

Tuesday, October 10

  • AP powerpoint and practice.
  • Assign stories and beats for the online newspaper.

Wednesday, October 11

  • Assign UIL Newswriting Prompt #2 – due tomorrow

Thursday, October 12

  • Turn in completed stories for online newspaper.
  • Make photo and story assignment deadlines.
  • Complete UIL Newswriting Prompt #2 and submit.

Friday, October 13

  • Review photo slideshow and make selections for online newspaper.
  • Review Twitter guidelines and write posts.

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TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C) 110.62(2)(G)

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