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Lesson Plans for February 26-March 2


Monday, February 26 Review Ethics Test Discuss News Story #6 Leads Storyboard assignments Tuesday, February 27 Dissect the news story information to plan for news peg, transition paragraphs and quotes Finish news story #6 and submit through google Sports groups collaborate to select photos for yearbook spreads Wednesday, February 28 Sports groups collaborate on photo […]

Lesson Plans for February 19-23


Monday, February 19 School Holiday Tuesday, February 20 Work in collaborative groups to identify yearbook group photos; verify names, spelling, row order. Wednesday, February 21 Work in collaborative groups to determine code of ethics to include in staff policy manual. Review and discuss each part and how the code of ethics impacts the staff. Thursday, […]

Lesson Plans for February 12-16


Monday, February 12 Write caption lead in’s for football and volleyball yearbook spreads Resume discussion on Journalism Ethics and case scenarios Tuesday, February 13 Campus Benchmark Tests (No Journalism Class) Wednesday, February 14 Campus Benchmark Tests (No Journalism Class) Thursday, February 15 Review code of ethics/How do these code of ethics relate to our middle […]

Lesson Plans for February 5-9


Monday, February 5 Collaborative groups work on finalizing layouts/photos Interview students that correlate with photos Tuesday, February 6 Interview students for football, volleyball and cross country spreads Type up interviews for yearbook pages Wednesday, February 7 Students will proofread caption/quote information for each photo mod and store in the google doc Thursday, February 8 Law […]

Lesson Plans for January 29-February 2


Monday, January 29 Work on sports pages for yearbook pages Collaborate in groups on layout/design and photos Tuesday, January 30 Review caption writing and quotes for storytelling Introduce yearbook design and vocabulary Wednesday, January 31 Yearbook design and layouts – templates Work in collaborative groups to choose photos and divide into mod packages Thursday, February […]

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