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It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans for February 19-23


Monday, February 19

  • School Holiday

Tuesday, February 20

  • Work in collaborative groups to identify yearbook group photos; verify names, spelling, row order.

Wednesday, February 21

  • Work in collaborative groups to determine code of ethics to include in staff policy manual.
  • Review and discuss each part and how the code of ethics impacts the staff.

Thursday, February 22

  • Discuss the Supreme Court Case Tinker vs. Des Moines and the decisions impact it had on First Amendment rights.
  • Review for Ethics and Legal Responsibilities Test

Friday, February 23

  • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities Test
  • Read News Writing #6 Assignment and write lead paragraph in a new google doc. Submit for grade.

TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C); 110.62(2)(K); 110.62(2)(L)

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