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Lesson Plans March 26-30


Monday, March 26 Penny Press and Introduction to Yellow Journalism Student presentations: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Nelly Bly, Spanish-American War Discuss timeline of events Tuesday, March 27 Muckraking and newspapers developing a significant social consciousness (explain & elaborate) New medium of magazines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries Student presentations: Minority Media […]

Lesson Plans March 19-23


Monday, March 19 Teacher Work Day/No Students Tuesday, March 20 History of Journalism Introduce vocabulary specific to unit of study Introduction – Penny Press, Freedom of the Press and Impact of TV and Radio Homework to assigned students Wednesday, March 21 Birth of a Nation/Peter Zenger and the Zenger Trial and the Penny Press Student […]

Lesson Plans March 5-9


Monday, March 5 Work on Storyboard assignments (Art, Construction, MS Spring Fling, Track) Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize details Tuesday, March 6 Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize spread details Work on Storyboard assignments Wednesday, March 7 Write headlines, secondary headlines for each mod on yearbook spread Type in quotes, […]

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