Mrs. Neely – Journalism

It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans March 5-9


Monday, March 5

  • Work on Storyboard assignments (Art, Construction, MS Spring Fling, Track)
  • Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize details

Tuesday, March 6

  • Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize spread details
  • Work on Storyboard assignments

Wednesday, March 7

  • Write headlines, secondary headlines for each mod on yearbook spread
  • Type in quotes, proofread and spell check.

Thursday, March 8

  • Proofread final spreads – photos, caption lead-ins, caption/quotes, headlines, secondary headlines
  • Work on Storyboard assignments

Friday, March 9

  • Finish proofreading yearbook spreads and submit for grade and deadline
  • Send group photos with identification of students/captions

TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C); 110.62(2)(K); 110.62(2)(L) 110.62(4)

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