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It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans March 19-23


Monday, March 19

  • Teacher Work Day/No Students

Tuesday, March 20

  • History of Journalism
  • Introduce vocabulary specific to unit of study
  • Introduction – Penny Press, Freedom of the Press and Impact of TV and Radio
  • Homework to assigned students

Wednesday, March 21

  • Birth of a Nation/Peter Zenger and the Zenger Trial and the Penny Press
  • Student presentations: Horace Greeley, James Gordon Bennett, Jane Grey Swisshelm, The New York Times & Henry Raymond, The effect of the telegraph
  • Homework to assigned students

Thursday, March 22

  • Yellow Journalism – definition; derived from; notable Yellow Journalists
  • Student presentations: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Nelly Bly, Spanish-American War
  • Homework to assigned students

Friday, March 23

  • Muckraking and newspapers developing a significant social consciousness – explain and elaborate
  • New medium of magazines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Student presentations: Minority Media & Robert S. Abbott; first Native American Newspaper – the Cherokee Phoenix; Lakota Times and Tim Giago; Advent of Radio

TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C); 110.62(2)(K); 110.62(2)(L) 110.62(4)

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