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Mitzi Neely

Assistant Superintendent for White Oak ISD.

Lesson Plans May 14-18


Monday, May 14 Work on captions, lead-ins, headline and subheads for boys and girls track spreads Identify names for MS group photos Tuesday, May 15 Work on captions, lead-ins, headline and subheads for boys and girls track spreads Identify names for MS group photos Awards Day in Journalism–CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! Wednesday, May 16 STAAR Test […]

Lesson Plans May 7-11


Monday, May 7 Rework headline assignment for re-grade Finish up extra assignments from last week. Tuesday, May 8 UIL News Story prompt – timed writing Wednesday, May 9 Work on Yearbook pages for MS Boys and Girls Track UIL News Story prompts for students who STAAR tested on Tuesday. Thursday, May 10 Finish Yearbook pages […]

Lesson Plans April 30-May 4


Monday, April 30 Photoshop Assignment – creating graphics with text Tuesday, May 1 Photoshop Assignment – creating graphics with text Wednesday, May 2 Yearbook spreads/photos Film video clips for Principal Appreciation Thursday, May 3 Headlines assignment- UIL Prompt Friday, May 4 Video for Mrs. Balboa Headline assignment – 2nd draft/turn in for re-grade TEKS 110.62.03, […]

Lesson Plans April 16-20


Monday, April 16 Students work on Storyboard assignments (due today or tomorrow) Work on individual projects/stories Tuesday, April 17 Students will complete storyboard assignments (all stories due today) Work on individual projects/stories Wednesday, April 18 Work on individual projects/stories Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Thursday, April 19 Photoshop Lesson 1 Overview and Activity – Photo Folder […]

Lesson Plans April 9-13


Monday, April 9 Students are working on Storyboard projects. Tuesday, April 10 NO CLASS – STAAR TESTS Wednesday, April 11 NO CLASS – STAAR TESTS Thursday, April 12 Students work on Storyboard projects and Girls/Boys MS Track Yearbook pages Friday, April 13 Informational Meeting with HS Yearbook/Newspaper Adviser about HS Journalism Opportunities Students work on […]

Lesson Plans March 26-30


Monday, March 26 Penny Press and Introduction to Yellow Journalism Student presentations: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Nelly Bly, Spanish-American War Discuss timeline of events Tuesday, March 27 Muckraking and newspapers developing a significant social consciousness (explain & elaborate) New medium of magazines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries Student presentations: Minority Media […]

Lesson Plans March 19-23


Monday, March 19 Teacher Work Day/No Students Tuesday, March 20 History of Journalism Introduce vocabulary specific to unit of study Introduction – Penny Press, Freedom of the Press and Impact of TV and Radio Homework to assigned students Wednesday, March 21 Birth of a Nation/Peter Zenger and the Zenger Trial and the Penny Press Student […]

Lesson Plans March 5-9


Monday, March 5 Work on Storyboard assignments (Art, Construction, MS Spring Fling, Track) Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize details Tuesday, March 6 Work on yearbook spreads; interview students and finalize spread details Work on Storyboard assignments Wednesday, March 7 Write headlines, secondary headlines for each mod on yearbook spread Type in quotes, […]

Lesson Plans for February 26-March 2


Monday, February 26 Review Ethics Test Discuss News Story #6 Leads Storyboard assignments Tuesday, February 27 Dissect the news story information to plan for news peg, transition paragraphs and quotes Finish news story #6 and submit through google Sports groups collaborate to select photos for yearbook spreads Wednesday, February 28 Sports groups collaborate on photo […]

Lesson Plans for February 19-23


Monday, February 19 School Holiday Tuesday, February 20 Work in collaborative groups to identify yearbook group photos; verify names, spelling, row order. Wednesday, February 21 Work in collaborative groups to determine code of ethics to include in staff policy manual. Review and discuss each part and how the code of ethics impacts the staff. Thursday, […]

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