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It's all storytelling. That's what journalism is all about.

Lesson Plans for September 3-7


Monday, September 3

  • Labor Day Holiday


  • What is News? How is news defined and who is the gatekeeper?
  • List and define the elements of news that make a story newsworthy: timeliness, proximity, prominence, conflict, impact, human interest
  • Give examples and discuss in table groups


  • Fact/Opinion – what is it and what are the differences (review
  • Discuss 14 examples of fact/opinion that could be used in a story
  • Review and take grade
  • Organize notes/handouts in journal/table of contents


  • Introduce Inverted Pyramid and begin discussion on developing stories
  • Introduce sports writing and sports stories
  • Break down parts of the lead/intro
  • Include the facts/new information


  • Use Sports prompt information to write a short story or advance game story.
  • Collaborate in table groups and each student write the story individually.

TEKS: 110.62.01, 110.62.02 (A)

ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Welcome to White Oak Middle School Journalism


Hello Students and Parents!

Welcome to Journalism. We have so much to do this year–learning to write stories and captions, take photographs, designing ads and yearbook/newspaper pages, and studying the history of journalism.

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I am looking forward to a great year!

Mitzi Neely

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