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Lesson Plans for October 8-12


Monday, October 8

  • Interviewing, part 2
  • Work with partner to develop questions for four scenarios
  • Discuss scenarios and ask students to make a general list of questions
  • Photo assignments for volleyball games tonight
  • Post stories in The Maroon & White

Tuesday, October 9

  • Review stories in The Maroon & White
  • Assign next stories on Story Board and due date

Wednesday, October 10

  • Introduce AP Style
  • General guidelines/rules of AP Style for months, dates, year, numbers
  • Practice assignment

Thursday, October 11

  • AP Style lesson for titles, states, proper nouns
  • Practice assignment
  • Work on stories for The Maroon & White

Friday, October 12

  • AP Style Quiz
  • Introduce Editorial Writing: notes in Journal

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for September 10-14


Monday, September 10

  • Complete Sports advance story using story prompt/new information
  • Complete and share with teacher in googledocs
  • Activity-look at photos taken by staff photographers at last week’s volleyball game and pep rally/analyze and evaluate

Tuesday, September 11

  • Review Inverted Pyramid
  • Introduce AP/Summary Lead
  • Define and explain using the 5W’s and H
  • Read and discuss four lead examples
  • Find integral info from News prompt to write lead

Wednesday, September 12

  • Use the News Prompt #1 information and students will write their first news lead
  • Introduce the story formula of: lead, transition, quote, transition, quote, transition, quote, conclusion
  • Students will add their first transition of new information and the first quote to support the transition

Thursday, September 13

  • Add to news story with the next set of transitions/quotes to complete story.
  • Remind students to check story for a smooth flow of information–does story move from one point to another?
  • Review for What is News? and AP Summary Lead Quiz

Friday, September 14

  • News Quiz
  • Practice: write the results of volleyball, and football stories for the week. Use the inverted pyramid and AP Summary Lead

TEKS 110.62.01, 110.62.02

ALL Kids, ALL the Time


Lesson Plans for September 3-7


Monday, September 3

  • Labor Day Holiday


  • What is News? How is news defined and who is the gatekeeper?
  • List and define the elements of news that make a story newsworthy: timeliness, proximity, prominence, conflict, impact, human interest
  • Give examples and discuss in table groups


  • Fact/Opinion – what is it and what are the differences (review
  • Discuss 14 examples of fact/opinion that could be used in a story
  • Review and take grade
  • Organize notes/handouts in journal/table of contents


  • Introduce Inverted Pyramid and begin discussion on developing stories
  • Introduce sports writing and sports stories
  • Break down parts of the lead/intro
  • Include the facts/new information


  • Use Sports prompt information to write a short story or advance game story.
  • Collaborate in table groups and each student write the story individually.

TEKS: 110.62.01, 110.62.02 (A)

ALL Kids, ALL the Time

Lesson Plans for August 20-24


Monday, August 20

  • Set up Interactive Notebooks
  • Sign up for Remind
  • Review final part of procedures/processes.
  • Discuss Speed Friending Interviews–what did you find out about the person you interviewed?
  • Transition into the History of American Journalism – how did the newspaper industry get started?
  • Assign vocabulary – write in notebook
  • Slides 1-5

Tuesday, August 21

  • History of American Journalism – slides 7-13
  • Establishment of Freedom of the Press
  • Zenger Trial
  • Penny Press

Wednesday, August 22

  • The Effects of the Telegraph, slides 18
  • Yellow Journalism – definition; derived from; notable Yellow Journalists, slides 19-22
  • Student presentations: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Nelly Bly, Spanish-American War
  • Homework assignment

Thursday, August 23

  • Muckraking and newspapers developing a significant social consciousness – explain and elaborate
  • News medium of magazines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Discuss famous journalists during this period/make a list for student selection

Friday, August 24

  • Quiz on History of Journalism
  • Work on Famous Journalist project
  • Complete assignment in Google Classroom/Test grade


TEKS: 110.62(1)(B)(C); 110.62(2)(K); 110.62(2)(L) 110.62(4)

We Believe in ALL Kids, ALL the Time


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